KHE executes each project with an honest, hard working and straight forward approach.

KHE brings to every project:

  • the best available science
  • clear understanding of the uncertainty inherent in natural resource management
  • balanced solutions for complex technical, and socio-political objectives, and
  • equitable respect for the landscape and all its inhabitants


We take pride in each project, and the relationship created with every client. KHE has long standing working relationships with many of our clients and provide a level of service that creates:

  • Confidence – Work will be done accurately, on-time and within budget (no wrap here)
  • Trust – We are often looked upon as an extension of staff


Planning and wise use of available time and money are the cornerstones of KHE’s approach both to project management AND restoration design. In an ever growing and competitive world, KHE strives to devise and implement projects that make the most out of every client dollar.


Education is critical to natural landscape stewardship and natural resource preservation. The more people understand how their actions impact the landscape, the more actively and proactively they can choose to select and direct those actions.

KHE’s partners serve as adjunct faculty, teaching learning extension classes at both UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University. In addition, we routinely provide educational lectures and field walks to audiences that include local schools, water districts, watershed groups, community service organizations and park volunteers.

Community Service:

KHE provides support to a wide range of community and non-profit organizations as:

  • Founding members of watershed stewardship groups,
  • Technical advisors for natural resource, professional and grass roots organizations
  • Speakers for schools, community service organizations, park and neighborhood support groups
  • Volunteers and organizers for community creek and watershed restoration and protection projects