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KHE’s principals become intimately familiar with the landscapes they work in – physically, ecologically and socio-politically.

Greg Kamman: PG,PHG

Greg Kamman is a hydrologist with over twenty years of technical and consulting experience in the fields of geology, surface and groundwater hydrology and geomorphology.   His career began with Bachelor of Science and Master’s of Science degrees from Miami University, Ohio.  Greg launched Kamman Hydrology in 1996, after 8 years of consulting with other firms, with the goal of following his passion for applying physical sciences in natural resource restoration and protection.

A quantitative hydrologist, Greg immerses himself in the technical studies needed to support large and local scale ecosystem restoration and protection efforts.  He routinely manages projects that integrate surface- and ground-water systems, and focus on watershed, river and coastal wetland habitat restoration.   Greg’s data collection, synthesis and analysis skills and experience provide KHE with the necessary foundation for each project through the hydrologic assessment of river and wetland habitat, the adequacy and allocation of water supply, and the implications associated with changes in water resources management.   His areas of focused expertise include: characterizing and modeling basin-scale hydrologic and geologic processes; assessing hydraulic and geomorphic responses to land-use changes in watersheds and causes of stream channel instability; evaluating surface- and ground-water resources and their interaction; and designing and implementing field investigations characterizing surface and subsurface conditions.

Greg is a collaborative project manager who cultivates long standing working relationships with clients by providing technically defensible, cost effective support to guide informed project decisions.  His strategic thinking helps to build consensus among stakeholders and direct projects toward positive outcomes that will sustain natural resources in contexts ranging from cityscapes to National Park to large river systems.  Greg is accustomed to working within a multi-disciplined team and maintains close collaborative relationships with biologists, engineers, planners, architects, lawyers, and state and federal agency staff.

Rachel KammaRachel Z. Kamman, PE

Rachel Kamman is a hydrologist with over twenty years of design and consulting experience in the fields of hydrology, coastal and river hydraulics, geomorphology and computational analysis.

As a physical scientist and civil engineer, Ms. Kamman strives professionally to establish and sustain ecological values within communities, and over regional, watershed and local scales.   She has led and collaboratively teamed on restoration design and water resources planning efforts throughout California.  Ms. Kamman brings together strong technical and communication skills, and a proven ability to define and integrate physical, biological and sociopolitical goals in the design of projects that meet the needs of both community and environment.

Rachel received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Civil (Water Resources) Engineering from Lafayette College in 1988.  She began work that year as  hydrologist with ENVIRON International Corp..  In 1994, she obtained Masters of Coastal and Hydraulic Engineering with a minor in Geomorphology from UC Berkeley. Upon graduating, Ms. Kamman began her ecological restoration work at PWA, Ltd.. In 2008, she joined Greg in founding Kamman Hydrology and Engineering, Inc.  As a KHE Principal, Ms. Kamman focuses on the computational analysis of physical processes which drive ecosystem function, and the integration of models, site and watershed assessments in the design and implementation of water resources focused ecological restoration and natural resources protection.

In addition to her consulting practice, she participates in community based watershed efforts, has taught classes in river and wetland restoration at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University, and serves on a technical and design review boards for the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture.