KHE services yield PROJECTS on the ground.  KHE strives to gather the momentum needed to move even the most complex natural resources projects forward.   KHE staff has the skills and a proven track record to:

  • build consensus around designs
  • design balanced plans to meet multi-objective goals
  • negotiate complex permitting processes
  • oversee project implementation, and
  • monitor pre and post-project site performance

Request information on KHE projects in these categories:

  • Channel Bank Stabilization: Planning and Design
  • Coastal Lagoon Studies and Management
  • Constructed Projects
  • Education-Public Outreach
  • Engineering Designs (Plans-Spec-Costs)
  • Field Investigations
  • Freshwater Wetland Design
  • Geomorphic Assessment
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Hydraulic and Flood Studies
  • Hydrologic and Water Quality Assessment
  • Litigation Support – Technical Review
  • Stream/Floodplain Restoration
  • Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction
  • Tidal Wetland Restoration
  • Trail Planning
  • Water Resource Management
  • Watershed and Hydrologic Assessments