Fluvial Geomorphology and Sediment Transport Assessment

KHE joins the disciplines of earth science and engineering to characterize the historical and anticipated trajectory of site and landscape evolution.  Field assessment, computational analysis and historical ecology studies inform our geomorphic and sediment transport assessments.   This information frequently serves as the basis for designing robust and self sustaining ecological enhancements.  KHE’s geomorphic services include:

  • Quantifying dominant basin-scale hydrologic and geomorphic processes
  • Analyses of spatial and temporal changes in channel patterns and processes
  • Climate change impact assessment
  • Determining the impacts of land use change on flow, sediment regimes and channel stability.

Representative Projects:

  • Watershed and Fluvial Dynamics:  Cache Creek
  • Watershed, Fluvial and Estuarine Dynamics:  Lagunitas Creek
  • Flood Impact Assessment: West Walker River
  • Channel Stability Assessment: San Ramon Creek
  • Sediment Budget: Vaqero Farms Mitigation Wetland
  • Channel Stability Assessment: Miller Creek
  • Channel Stability Assessment: Commanche Creek