Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

KHE utilizes a broad suite of computational models to quantify water supply, and predict watershed, flood, low flow and intertidal dynamics.  In many projects, numerical models are used to characterize physical processes supporting existing or targeted ecosystem functions.  Our modeling expertise encompasses steady and unsteady flow dynamics and sediment transport analysis in one and two dimensions.  KHE understands the strengths and limitations of numerical codes, and grounds numerical models with monitoring data to yields studies that accurately reflect conditions on the ground, and uncertainty inherent in the analysis of watersheds, river, tidal and seasonal wetland systems.

Surface water hydrologic and hydraulic models we retain and run regularly include: HEC-HMS; HEC-RAS; HEC-6; MIKE11 (including sediment transport and advection/dispersion add-on modules); MIKE21 (leased on project basis); EFDC, Flow-2D, PondPack, StormCAD, HydroCAD, and SAM.  Groundwater models we use on a regular basis include: USGS MODFLOW (with River and Stream surface water modules); MIKESHE (leased on project basis); PLASM; MT3D; AQTESOLV; MODPATH; SEEP/W; WinFlow; and VLEACH.  In addition, KHE staff perform aqueous geochemical modeling using MINTEQA2 and PHREEQE.

KHE’s hydrologic and hydraulic modeling services include:

  • Evaluation of watershed, river, tidal coastal flow and sediment dynamics
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic flood, low flow and sediment transport assessment
  • Water balance modeling of estuaries, lakes seasonal wetlands, seeps and springs
  • Water quality modeling of temperature, salinity, and nutrients
  • Regional water allocation and supply impact assessment
  • Aqueous geochemical modeling
  • Surface/Groundwater interaction assessments on a site, basin and regional scale

Representative Projects:

  • Giacomini Wetlands Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment
  • Bolinas Lagoon 2-D Hydrodynamics
  • Tennessee Hollow Watershed Groundwater Assessment
  • Yreka Creek Flood Impact and Restoration Design Modeling
  • Ventura River Estuary Water Diversion Impact Assessment
  • Trinity River Bridge Hydraulics
  • Redwood Creek Channel and Floodplain Design, Humboldt County
  • Hamilton Groundwater and Tidal Impact Assessment