Monitoring Streams, Tides, Sediment and Groundwater

KHE provides hydrologic, hydraulic data collection services for the purposes of site characterization, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling and engineering design.  We believe strongly that field data be collected and/or supervised by the same staff who will be using the data for analysis and hydrologic/hydraulic model development.  This provides an invaluable continuity between the understanding, representation, and analysis of site hydrologic and geomorphic conditions and processes.   Monitoring is a critical to successful restoration planning and design.

KHE’s field services include:

  • Stream flow, water level, and water quality monitoring of surface-
  • Sediment monitoring
  • Geomorphic monitoring and mapping
  • Tidal flow and coastal wave monitoring
  • Deploying and maintaining electronic and analog flow, water table elevation, water quality, and meteorological data collection systems
  • Site characterization, geologic/geomorphic mapping and topographic surveys
  • Ground-water monitoring
  • Siting, designing, yield testing, and sampling water supply and monitoring wells

Representative Projects:

  • Olema Marsh Salinity Impact Assessment
  • Western Stege Marsh Wetland Restoration Performance Assessment
  • N. Fork Gualala River Groundwater Impact Assessment
  • San Francisquito Cr.
  • North Ft. Scott Wetland Water Supply Assessment
  • Giacomini Wetlands Pre- and Post-Restoration Monitoring
  • Lower Pitkin Marsh
  • Wente St. Bridge Geomorphic Monitoring
  • Aquifer Testing: Tennessee Hollow