River and Watershed Assessment

KHE’s River and Watershed Assessments quantify changes in hydrologic, hydraulic and geomorphic conditions in response to land-use changes and water development (e.g., diversions, reservoir construction, groundwater pumping, etc.).  Studies commonly quantify spatial and temporal changes in support of impact assessment and restoration planning.  KHE evaluates climate change impacts and provides projections in support of adaptive management and long term planning efforts.  KHE frequently evaluates the affects on riparian and wetland ecology in terms of the lost or altered floodplain area, ecotone character and inundation duration and frequency.   Watershed assessments are typically completed through a broad spectrum of field, historical and analytical investigations, and tailored to address natural resource needs and issues of concern to local stakeholders.

KHE’s technical services include:

  • Baseflow, peak runoff, and unimpaired flow assessments
  • Basin scale hydrologic analysis
  • Hydraulic modeling of channel, sediment transport and floodplain processes
  • Sedimentation, erosion control, and channel stability evaluation
  • Ground- and surface-water interaction assessments
  • Aquatic habitat assessments

Representative Projects:

  • Watershed Restoration Planning and Design:
    • Tennessee Hollow Watershed Restoration, San Francisco, CA
    • Novato Creek Watershed Hydraulics, Marin County, CA
    • Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project, Ferndale, CA
  • River Management Impacts on Flow/Temperature/Fisheries:
    • Trinity River Restoration
    • Gualala River Estuary
    • Russian River Estuary
  • Urban Creek Enhancement Planning:
    • Yreka Creek Greenway, Yreka, CA
    • Cordilleras Creek, Redwood City, Ca
  • Vineyard Creek Flood and Sediment Management Planning
    • Gallinas Creek, Novato, Ca
    • West Creek, Larkspur Ca
  • Groundwater Supply and Resource Protection:
    • San Joaquin River Restoration Project
    • Sycamore Grove Park, Livermore, CA           
  • Water Allocation Impact Assessment:
    • Klamath River Settlement Agreement
    • Eel River Unimpaired Flow