Water Supply and Water Quality Assessment

KHE integrates field study, data synthesis, statistical and computational analysis to define the drivers and quantify changes in the quantity and quality of available water. Accurately determining available water supply, its history of change and projections for the future is critical to understanding land use change impacts on ecosystem function.  KHE’s experience includes regional water allocation studies on California’s largest river systems; watershed impact assessments; and site specific restoration designs for sensitive and at risk species.  KHE’s water supply and water quality assessment services include:

  • Hydrologic design of ponds, marshes and freshwater wetlands;
  • Water supply assessments for sensitive non-tidal wetland and riparian habitats;
  • Characterization of subsurface conditions and aquifer properties; and
  • Water resource management and planning (e.g., minimum flow standards, groundwater safe-yield studies and water quality compliance).

Representative Projects:

  • Laguna Salada Water Budget and Operations Modeling
  • Water Supply Assessment / Water Budget: Tolay Lake
  • Pescadero Creek Estuary Water Quality Assessment
  • Sycamore Grove Park Recovery Plan
  • Pitkin Marsh Hydrologic and Water Quality Characterization
  • Green Gulch Water Supply Assessment
  • Olema Marsh Salinity Impacts Assessment and Restoration Planning
  • Lands End Water Supply Source Analysis
  • Water Supply Assessment / Water Budget: Mountain Lake